The Weekly News Roundup is your weekly recap of CBOE features, options industry news and VIX and volatility-related articles from print, broadcast, online and social media outlets.

CBOE Bell Ringing Ceremony for Gender Equality On Monday, CBOE hosted a closing-bell ringing ceremony featuring representatives from abcWomen in ETFs, who, to commemorate International Woman’s Day on Tuesday, rang the bell for gender equality.  The event at CBOE kicked-off a tour of exchanges around the world for the group.  This marked the 2nd consecutive year CBOE has participated in this effort to honor women’s contributions to the financial industry.  The bell-ringing ceremony can be viewed at Ring the Bell for Gender Equality.

Connectivity Link with PULSe CBOE has partnered with Bloomberg Professional to provide over 17,000 users of its Execution Management System (EMSX) with direct connectivity to CBOE’s PULSe trader workstation.  This link enables Bloomberg EMSX users to send, execute and confirm orders electronically with CBOE floor brokers and other PULSe users, as well as access the open-outcry liquidity in CBOE’s SPX and VIX pits.

“Bloomberg Connects to CBOE’s PULSe Trader Workstation” -- Automated Trader

CBOE’s In-VEST-ment Earlier this year, CBOE made a majority equity investment in Vest Financial, an asset management firm that provides options-based investments through structured protective strategies and innovative technology solutions.  In an interview from CBOE’s Risk Management Conference last week, CBOE Holdings President and COO Edward Provost discussed how the acquisition fits into CBOE’s corporate strategy.

“CBOE Reveals Strategy Behind Vest Investment” – Daniel O’Leary, EQ Derivatives

VIX FIX – Volatility All Clear? The Dow is finishing off the week strong, holding on to recent gains and finishing in the green.  The VIX Index, followed in tow, finishing the week near the 16 mark.  Is this indicating calmer markets ahead?  Can investors breathe a sigh of relief?  Or is volatility just holding its breath?

“This is the Sound of Stocks Sighing in Relief” – Alex Rosenberg, CNBC

“Tech Bias Sends Nasdaq VIX to 6-Month High Versus S&P Fear Gauge” – Joseph Ciolli, Bloomberg

“How to Buy Market Protection Now” – Serge Berger, Investor Place

“VIX ETPs for Market Protection” – Max Chen, ETF Trends

Video “We Have Just Witnessed a ‘Death Cross’ in the Market’s Fear Indicator” Yahoo Finance, Russell Rhoads, CBOE Options Institute Air Date: Thursday, March 10, 2016