This morning our friends at Social Market Analytics offered up a final look at the twitter chatter with respect to the vote in Britain tomorrow that will determined the country’s fate with respect to EU membership. The hashtag #Brexit was mentioned 139,758 times in the 24-hour period ending this morning. The chart below shows how often other hastags were combined with #Brexit. #voteleave and #leaveeu were mentioned 33,751 times in conjunction with #brexit. Hashtags that indicate a preference to stay in the EU (#remain, #voteremain, and #strongerin) were mentioned a total of 21,721 times showing that at least those using #Brexit in their commentary are leaning toward voting to leave the EU.

Brexit 622


The next table sums up the tag #Bremain which had only 5,543 mentions over the recent 24-hour period. Even if we add those 5,543 tweets (2,752 of which also had #Brexit) to the those saying remain group from above the total for #Brexit plus either #voteleave or #leaveeu is still higher than those pushing for Britain to remain part of the EU.

Bremain 622

All the chatter will come to an end soon and all the uncertainty surrounding the outcome and aftermath of tomorrow’s referendum. The polls have things looking like a toss-up.  However, for the in terms of having yourself heard on twitter crowd, it looks like social media savvy people are hoping for a split from the EU.