2016 Risk Management Conference Europe Tomorrow kicks off the 5th annual CBOE Risk Management Conference Europe at the Powerscourt Hotel in County Wicklow, Ireland.  The industry’s top traders, strategists and researchers will convene to discuss the latest products and strategies for managing risks, that enhance yields and lower portfolio volatility. For more information, see http://www.cboermc.com.

“2016 CBOE Risk Management Conference Europe” – Hedgeweek http://bit.ly/2dahuti

Options R.O.I. Earlier this week, CBOE along with Wilshire Analytics, the investment technology foundation of Wilshire Associates Inc., released an analysis of the performance of options-based benchmark indexes covering a 30-year period. The results of the study revealed that the use of options-based benchmark indexes with premium selling or buying produce higher absolute returns, lower volatility, less downside risk, increased market capacity and liquidity, and stronger benefits for pension plan allocations.  For more information see CBOE Benchmarks. 

“Options Indices Offered ‘Noteworthy’ Returns Over 30 Years, Says Study” – Hedgeweek http://bit.ly/2d65Blu

“Retail Traders Should Buy Options During Volatile Markets” – Ellen Chang, The Street http://bit.ly/2cz5S0O

CurveGlobal Fires Up Engines After another successful week of testing, CurveGlobal is set to officially launch Monday, September 26th.  CurveGlobal is a new venue for trading interest rate futures backed by the London Stock Exchange, CBOE and several major dealer banks.  The platform aims to cater to those market participants looking for more capital efficient ways to trade and hedge these products.

“LSE Passes Final Test Ahead Of Sept. 26 Curve Launch” – Luke Jeffs, FOW http://bit.ly/2d677Wb

“Curve To Launch With Four ISVs, Seven Banks” – Luke Jeffs, FOW http://bit.ly/2dfzm26

VIX Fix: Volatility Averted   Stocks ended lower on Friday falling by 130 points as momentum from inaction by the Fed dissipated.  Volatility seemed poised to make its triumphant reentrance in the market but after a short-lived spike the VIX Index retreated back to near all-time lows, now around the 12 level.  But as the U.S. Election date draws near, and political uncertainty looms, volatility may be down but not out.

“’Tantrum’ Threat Fades” – Min Zeng and Sam GoldFarb, Wall Street Journal http://on.wsj.com/2cz69AI

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“The Markets “Gear Gauge” Has Collapsed Following The Federal Reserve’s Policy Meeting” – David Cottle, News Markets http://bit.ly/2cImalG