One pattern that I notice all the time when using Fibonacci ratios, is that many moves tend to terminate at extensions of prior swings.  I'm starting to get interested in VOD due to this pattern.  Not only are we seeing some key extensions on this chart which are illustrated with the "green lines", but we are also seeing a nice overlap with many other Fibonacci price relationships.  There are two zones that stand out in particular and the first one is being tested right here and now at the 26.85-27.50 area.  The second zone is 25.59-95.  I am currently stalking this stock for buy "triggers" that tell me it's worth placing a bet against this support.  At a minimum I'm looking for a corrective rally to unfold from one of these key support decisions. So far I have seen a 30-minute buy trigger against this last low.  I can either define my risk below the recent low or below the first price cluster at the 26.85-27.50 area.  I will back off the buy side  until further notice if BOTH of these key support zones are violated.