The short end of the VXST – VIX – VXV – VXMT curve took it on the chin as the holiday effect took a toll on VXST.  We may see a bit of a rise in VXST relative to the rest of the SPX oriented indexes as we get the Thanksgiving holiday behind us.


VIX is what everyone watches when assessing market risk.  VVIX is what the volatility traders look to when trying to gauge how other volatility traders are feeling about the markets.  VVIX has dropped a bit, but is still relatively high when compared to VIX.


I’m going to declare SVXY the performance winner on the chart below.  Barring a 2008 type catastrophe SVXY will probably be on the top of 2016 ETF performance lists that we will be subjected to in early 2017.


Finally, looking across the spectrum of volatility indexes it comes as no surprise that fixed income and currency related volatility are leading the charge.  All the talk in the financial media has been about the dollar and yields, with stocks probably feeling a bit neglected.