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Release Notes

Dear Cboe UK Participants,

Further to the previous notice announcing the re-admission to trading of Swiss Registered Shares, Cboe UK (Cboe) is pleased to announce that Swiss (Zurich) listed securities will be re-admitted to Cboe UK for trading, effective Thursday 4th February, 2021. Please find attached the list of symbols which will be re-admitted for trading to Cboe UK.

Availability of Zurich listed securities

Re-admitted Zurich listed securities will be available to trade on the following services:

* BXE Lit, Dark and Periodic order books, Cboe Closing Cross (3C) and ETRs
* CXE Lit, Dark order books and ETRs
* Cboe UK LIS (LISX)

* Re-admitted Zurich listed securities will be included into all existing BXE and CXE trading tariffs
* As an additional benefit, Blue Chip Zurich listed securities will be included into the Additional Liquidity Provider Scheme (A-LPS) on the CXE Lit Order Book
* Liquidity Providers are reminded to register for Zurich listed securities as required
* The updated Trading Price list detailing the A-LPS is available for download here Trading Price List


* Participants should ensure they have valid clearing permissions for Zurich listed securities on Cboe UK for trading. Participants should contact our Participant Services team to confirm or speak to their nominated clearer to send Cboe an updated confirmation (SoA).

For further details please contact your Account Manager. All current and historical Cboe Europe Equities notices, including symbol universe updates, are available online at http://markets.cboe.com/europe/equities/notices/release_notes/.
Thanks for your continued support.

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