Cboe LIS

How to sign up for Cboe LIS - Sell Side

Step 1: Cboe Europe Equities Participation

Direct LIS users and Designated Brokers must be Participants of Cboe Europe Equities.

Existing Cboe Participants and firms wishing to use the service through a Designated Broker, proceed to Step 2.

If your firm is not a Participant of Cboe but wishes to become one, please complete and sign the following two documents to become a Cboe Participant:

You should also review the Rule Book and the Participant Manual, which sets out the rules governing the Cboe LIS service.

Complete and sign the documents and e-mail them to Participant Services at . Once Cboe has received your application, a sales representative will contact your firm.

Step 2: LIS Documentation

Please complete the following documents based on which services you intend to support.

Direct LIS Users

A Cboe Participant who is using the Service to submit IOIs and receive the corresponding trades in their own name.

Designated Brokers

A Cboe Participant who has an agreement in place with a Buy Side firm to support the use of the EMS/OMS integrated IOI negotiation tools.

European Introducing Brokers

A broker dealer who wishes to offer access to the Cboe LIS service to their clients using a Designated Broker’s access to CCP clearing.

Complete and sign the documents and e-mail them to Participant Services at .

Step 3: LIS Connectivity

Depending on the interaction with Cboe LIS, the following should be completed/reviewed.

Direct LIS Users

Designated Brokers

Complete and sign the documents and e-mail them to


The following documentation is required for FIX API development purposes. Please contact Cboe for the documents listed below:

  • Cboe LIS Service Description
  • Cboe LIS FIX Specification
  • Scorecard and Filters Specification
  • Cboe LIS Risk Management Specification

After your firm’s connection to Cboe LIS has been established and the documentation is in place, you’ll be required to complete conformance testing prior to go-live.

Please contact or +44 20 7012 8906 with any enquiries during the application process.