Cboe in the News: WFE's Focus Magazine

January 5, 2021

Ed Tilly on the Lessons and Challenges of 2020

Ed Tilly reflects on 2020 with WFE in its December edition of Focus. Tilly shares his key takeaways from a challenging year and what it was like to lead his team through the unknown.

Read the full interview in Focus.

Key Takeaways from Tilly’s conversation with WFE

At our core, Cboe® has not changed. We doubled down on our mission of defining markets by putting our people first and working together with our customers, regulators and the broader industry to find solutions.”

The growing power of the next-gen retail investor is undeniable, and Cboe® is well positioned to serve that growing customer base through product innovation, product awareness and best-in-class investor education.”

“In an ever-changing world, agility has become even more critical. We are making sure that we are flexible in everything that we do and have the ability to adapt and keep up with the changing needs of investors.”

“Leading in the face of turmoil and unknowns [was one of the biggest challenges for the leadership team]. Cboe® leadership had to make many difficult decisions in a short amount of time amidst an evolving situation. Putting our people first, we did our absolute best to make the right choices at the right moments.”

Read the article for Tilly’s personal best and worst moments of 2020 and what he sees as key trends in 2021.