Cboe Listings 2021 Recap and Look Ahead

January 25, 2022

As we dive into 2022, the Cboe Listings team shared a few highlights from 2021, an eventful year at Cboe and in the financial services industry overall.

Global Growth at Cboe

In July 2021, Cboe completed its acquisition of Chi-X Asia Pacific, expanding our listings and trading footprint to Australia, in addition to the trading platform in Japan. In November, Cboe announced plans to acquire NEO, a fintech organization that comprises a fully registered Tier-1 Canadian securities exchange with a diverse product and services set ranging from corporate listings to cash equity trading. The acquisition is expected to be complete in the first half of 2022, expanding Cboe’s listings footprint into Canada with almost 200 listings including more than 100 ETPs. Cboe will have over 1,750 listings in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Canada by Q3, pending deal close. Cboe’s global growth presents an exciting opportunity for our listings business, ensuring 2022 will be another eventful year.

Making the Switch: Converting Mutual Funds to ETFs

As firms prepare to convert mutual funds to ETFs, Cboe and the Investment Company Institute gathered a panel of experts to discuss all aspects of the process, from regulation and back-office operations to capital markets, marketing and distribution. Our Pathways to ETFs for Mutual Fund Managers webinar was chock-full of useful information to help mutual fund managers determine the best path forward for their business. In December, Motley Fool Asset Management converted its flagship mutual funds to ETFs and listed them on Cboe, with an AUM of approximately $1 billion. Mutual fund-to-ETF conversions will be a key focus for our team in 2022 and we look forward to listing more converted ETFs in the coming year.

Our Commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance Initiatives

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives are a critical focus at Cboe, as well as in the broader financial services industry. We are proud to share that Cboe is the listing venue of choice for issuers seeking to launch ESG-themed ETPs. We currently offer more than 35 ESG funds with over $16 billion in total assets from more than 15 issuers and there are several more products in the pipeline for 2022. Helping market participants define a sustainable financial future is a key component of Cboe’s mission and we are committed to further enhancing our ESG initiatives and our issuers’ related offerings in 2022. Learn more about ESG at Cboe here.

Cryptocurrency-Related ETFs

As the digital asset industry continued its rapid growth, Cboe listed several cryptocurrency strategy ETFs in 2021 to help investors capture the booming cryptocurrency market. In 2021, Cboe listed the VanEck Bitcoin Strategy ETF (XBTF), as well as the Invesco Alerian Galaxy Blockchain Users and Decentralized Commerce ETF (BLKC) and the Invesco Alerian Galaxy Crypto Economy ETF (SATO) in the U.S. Likewise, our team at Chi-X Australia listed the Cosmos Global Digital Miners Access ETF (DIGA) and ETFS Fintech & Blockchain ETF (FTEC) toward the end of the year. And to all the issuers who selected Cboe to advocate for listing your spot cryptocurrency ETP, we thank you and will be even better positioned as leaders in this space following the completion of our planned acquisition of ErisX. ErisX operates a U.S. based digital asset spot market, a regulated futures exchange and a regulated clearing house. Ownership of ErisX presents a unique opportunity for Cboe to enter the digital asset spot and derivatives marketplaces through a digital-first platform developed with industry partners to focus on robust regulatory compliance, data and transparency.

Semi-Transparent ETFs

We saw continued growth of semi-transparent ETFs on Cboe, after listing the first-ever U.S. semi-transparent ETF in 2020. Fidelity replicated its flagship mutual funds as ETFs, utilizing its semi-transparent ETF structure, and listed the new ETFs on Cboe — including its flagship Magellan fund. Additionally, Hartford listed its first semi-transparent ETF, Hartford Large-Cap Growth ETF, on Cboe. We are proud to list these innovative ETFs and many more revolutionary ETFs in the semi-transparent ETF category. With 29% market share and the tightest quoted spread, semi-transparent ETFs thrive on Cboe.

Notable New Listings

According to the Financial Times, a record number of 1,503 new ETPs were launched globally, beating the previous record of 873 set in 2018. We were proud to welcome more than 150 of those new ETPs on Cboe’s exchanges. We know how important each new listing is to our issuers and we are continuously honored that our issuers choose to trust us with their products. View all the funds that listed on Cboe in 2021 here. While all of our listings are notable, last month, Cboe listed the ARK Transparency ETF, which seeks to provide investment results that closely correspond to the Transparency Index, an index designed to track the stock price movements of the 100 most transparent companies in the world. Cboe is recognized as a Certified Transparent Company by Transparency Invest and ranked in the top one percent for organizational transparency of publicly traded global companies. We are proud to be recognized as a Certified Transparent Company and celebrated by joining the ARK Invest team in Times Square for a fun photo op.

The Fastest Growing Global ETP Exchange, Leading the Way in Market Innovation

Cboe Listings reached several new milestones and continued to grow substantially in 2021. Additionally, we developed innovative new programs to improve the issuer and market maker experience and gathered industry leaders to discuss current events. Read more about these milestones in our mid-year update.

Thank you for choosing to list with Cboe. We value your continued partnership and look forward to another successful year together.