Russell 1000® Index Options

The Russell 1000® Index measures on a cap.-weighted basis, the performance of the large-cap. U.S. equities. As a subset of the Russell 3000® Index, it includes approximately 1,000 of the largest companies representing close to 92% of the U.S. market. The Russell 1000® Growth Index measures the large-cap growth segment with higher price-to-book ratios and higher forecasted growth values. The Russell 1000® Value Index measures the performance of the large-cap value segment with lower price-to-book ratios and lower expected growth values.

Offering new trading synergies and opportunities on Russell 1000, Russell 1000 Growth, and Russell 1000 Value Indexes, Cboe exclusively lists cash-settled index options to provide the tools for:

  • Managing Risks and Volatility
  • Asset Allocation
  • Income Generation
  • Gain exposure to U.S. large-cap. market efficiently