Cboe Listed

Switch to Cboe Listings


  • Listing Qualifications will provide you with a complete switch plan.
  • Obtain governance approval to withdraw from current listing venue, list on Cboe, and file necessary filings with SEC (i.e., Form 25 and Form 8-A).
  • Listing Qualifications will draft the appropriate application for you and assist you with its completion.

Review the Cboe ETP Listings Compliance Guide for information on the listing requirements of ETPs listed on Cboe. You should also review the Cboe Exchange Listing Rules (Chapter XIV of the Cboe Exchange Rules) which outline the rules related to the qualification, listing and delisting of companies and ETPs on the Exchange.

The application above is only for ETFs that meet all conditions within Rule 6c-11 of the Investment Company Act of 1940. For other types of ETPs, please contact Listing Qualifications.

At least 15 days prior to listing on Cboe

  • File the notice of withdrawal of listing with current listing venue.
  • Issue and post press release regarding such withdrawal.
  • Provide completed listing application to Listing Qualifications.

At least 10 days after providing notice of withdrawal

  • File Form 25 with the SEC voluntarily de-listing from current listing venue (with a copy to the current listing venue).
  • File Form 8-A in order to re-register the ETPs.

At least three days after filing Form 25 and Form 8-A

  • ETPs officially switch to Cboe, effective prior to the opening of trading.


For more information about listing on Cboe, please contact the Listing Department at [email protected]