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Cboe Product, AlphaClone Inc.

About AlphaClone, Inc.

AlphaClone, Inc., is a San Francisco-based registered investment advisor and equity research firm that is a pioneer in building accessible alpha-seeking investment strategies.

AlphaClone’s investment products and solutions are derived from institutional investor public disclosures and give investors direct access to the investment ideas of the world’s most established hedge funds. The firm’s proven, intelligent, risk managed, portfolio construction approach seeks to provide liquid, transparent, low-fee strategies that can give investors exposure to the alpha potential inherent in hedge fund investments. AlphaClone’s investment research and strategies are available to investors through managed accounts and exchange-traded funds.

AlphaClone Inc. Products Listed on Cboe

Product Symbol Product Type List /
Transfer Date
AlphaClone Alternative Alpha ETF ALFA ETF 2017-12-27