Emerge EMPWR Sustainable Dividend Equity ETF

Cboe: EMCA

Listed September 08, 2022

The investment objective of Emerge EMPWR Sustainable Dividend Equity ETF (the Fund) is to seek long-term growth of capital.

We seek to achieve this objective by investing primarily in equity securities of U.S. large capitalization issuers that meet the Emerge ETFs sustainable investment criteria. 

In order to achieve its investment objective, this Emerge ETF invests at least 80% of its net assets in dividend-paying equity securities of large-capitalization issuers in the U.S. that, at the time of investment, meet the Emerge ETFs Sustainability investment criteria.

CAIM applies a bottom-up research process to seek to identify equity securities for investment that it believes have the potential to increase dividends in the future. CAIM uses a proprietary screening process to identify companies that it believes have favorable balance sheets and above-average levels of cash flow per share, pay a dividend and demonstrate the ability to increase that dividend over time. CAIM identifies securities for investment that meet the above criteria when it believes they are trading at a discount to their future value. CAIM identifies securities to be sold for several reasons, including when it believes the security is overvalued or management is unable to achieve its goals.

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About Emerge Capital Management

Emerge was founded in 2016 by Lisa Lake Langley on the belief that relationships at every level, including investment managers, our valued distribution partners, and the advisors we advocate for, are the driving force of our rapidly changing industry. Emerge strives to help investors broaden their investment perspective through innovative, diverse, and sustainable investment solutions.

Our team of dedicated experts is committed to helping propel advisory talent, especially among those most underrepresented in the industry, through strong DE&I initiatives. We also take the initiative to develop investment strategies in funds and companies with high levels of social governance and strong sustainability practices.

We provide access to actively managed investment strategies and advisory support. With the investment industry ever-evolving, staying up to date can be challenging which is why we have helped over 1000 advisors gain access to top-tier investment strategies through our distribution partners and our EMPWR Emerging Manager Platform.

Emerge Capital Management is a team of experts focused on opening new doors for emerging investment managers who meet our stringent standards by serving as a resource and an advocate on all levels. We are committed to empowering high-caliber investment managers by providing both guidance and distribution expertise. From infrastructure and due diligence to product development, we provide a full array of go-to-market services.