FormulaFolios Tactical Income ETF

Cboe: FFTI

Listed June 06, 2017

The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing primarily in foreign and domestic fixed income securities through other exchange traded funds. The fixed income securities in which the Fund will invest are US Treasuries, investment grade US bonds, high-yield US bonds (also known as junk bonds), US aggregate bond, and international government bonds of any maturity and duration. 

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About FormulaFolio

FormulaFolio Investments (FFI) is a Registered Investment Advisor that offers a unique approach compared to traditional asset management. FFI uses emotion-free, statistically significant quantitative algorithms to aid in the investment decision making process. Unlike many quantitative investment firms, however, FFI focuses on longer-term market trends and lower portfolio turnover rather than using a high-frequency trading approach. With the ever-changing investment landscape, it is more important than ever to prepare for and adapt to new economic regimes. This is why FFI focuses time and talents on developing smarter investment formulas. By removing investing prejudices with an algorithmic-based approach, FFI believes investors can substantially increase the statistical probability of successful investment outcomes over time.