Engine No. 1 Transform 500 ETF

Cboe: VOTE

Listed June 23, 2021

One small switch, one big impact.

The Engine No. 1 Transform 500 ETF (ticker: VOTE) was built to harness the power of investors to transform our largest companies.

VOTE intends to invest in 500 of the largest US public stocks. It tracks a market cap-weighted index, provided by Morningstar, that is diversified across sectors and captures over 80% of the US equity market.

Rather than excluding companies that need to change, VOTE works to change them. This strategy is based on:

Votes we cast: Strategically hold companies and leadership teams accountable while focusing on environmental, social, and governance issues that create value.
Campaigns we run: Actively work with companies to strengthen the investments they make in stakeholders to drive company performance.
Investors we bring with us: Build platform to better serve investors long-term interests, enabling them to be part of our mission.
There shouldnt be a trade-off between investing for the long-term and holding companies accountable. VOTE gives investors a new opportunity to drive positive impact as engaged owners.

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About Engine No. 1, LLC

Engine No. 1 is an investment firm purpose-built to create long-term value by harnessing the power of capitalism. We believe a company’s performance is greatly enhanced by the investments it makes in workers, communities, and the environment. We believe that over time the interests of Main Street and Wall Street align, and we can engage as active owners to create value by focusing on this alignment.