Daily Reports

Daily Distributions Report

The Cboe Daily Distributions Report contains corporate actions categorized as distributions as they are confirmed by Cboe Listings and the listed company. Distributions will appear on this report from the day they are announced until the day the distribution has completed. Examples of corporate actions that are published in this report are new dividends and stock splits.

Filename Date
distribution_rpt_20220628.txt Jun 28, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220627.txt Jun 27, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220624.txt Jun 24, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220623.txt Jun 23, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220622.txt Jun 22, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220621.txt Jun 21, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220617.txt Jun 17, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220616.txt Jun 16, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220615.txt Jun 15, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220614.txt Jun 14, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220613.txt Jun 13, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220610.txt Jun 10, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220609.txt Jun 09, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220608.txt Jun 08, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220607.txt Jun 07, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220606.txt Jun 06, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220603.txt Jun 03, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220602.txt Jun 02, 2022
distribution_rpt_20220601.txt Jun 01, 2022


Cboe disseminates three daily reports containing corporate action information for issues listed on the BZX Exchange. All reports are available at approximately 7:00 p.m. ET and published in a pipe-delimited (“|”) text format. Please see the Corporate Actions Specifications document for additional details.

Cboe offers three ways to receive these daily reports.

Download From Our Website

FTP Server

Go to ftp://ftp.batstrading.com. Under the "bzx-equities" folder, you will find access to the three reports. Use the credentials listed below:

  • Username: anonymous
  • Password: leave blank

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To receive one of the three daily reports, email [email protected] with the following information and we will add you to our distribution list:

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