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Cboe Silexx Fee Schedule effective January 4, 2021

Reference ID: C2021010400
Effective Monday, January 4, 2021, Cboe Silexx will introduce the following fees, subject to regulatory review.

* Trade Drop Copy from Cboe Silexx
* Received by Cboe Options Exchange (C1) Trading Permit Holder (TPH):
* $425 per month payable by C1 TPH customer receiving drop copies.
* Received by non-C1 TPH:
* $0.02 per contract payable by C1 TPH broker sending to non-C1 TPH.
* $400 per month cap.

* FIX order routing into Cboe Silexx: $500 per receiving C1 TPH payable by C1 TPH customer.

* Cboe Silexx Routing Network: $500 per month payable by trading firm accessing the Cboe Silexx Routing Network to/from a non-Cboe Silexx workstation.

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