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Cboe Silexx Enhancements – February 1, 2021

Cboe Silexx is excited to announce the following enhancements:

* Firm administrators can reactivate previously deleted accounts.
* Order Tickets:
* Contra party quantity mirrors Agency quantity if only 1 contra exists (Multi-Order and FLEX tickets);
* Focus defaults to net qty field upon leg addition (Multi-Order ticket);
* Position = N (none) available. Exchange validates supported ranges: MM and A MM.
* Call and put volume columns (cVOL and pVOL) in Option Chain appear blank if no volume.
* Fill price appears as .00 for securities that trade at a 0 price.
* User defined Buy/Sell colors apply to fill notifications.
* Drop down selection process is more accommodating.
* Users of same trade desk can manage orders routed to other Cboe Silexx users.

Please contact Cboe Floor Support for Cboe Silexx training and contact Cboe Silexx Support for technical questions.

We appreciate your business. Our trading community inspires and drives our mission of defining markets.

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