Charlie Jacklin - Mellon Capital Management Corp

Options: An Enthusiast's View.
"In managing portfolios for institutional clients, options have helped dramatically in our efforts to fulfill our goals of gaining exposure, adding income and controlling portfolio risk."

Charlie JacklinCharlie Jacklin
EVP & Chief Investment Strategist
Mellon Capital Management Corp.
$80 billion in assets

Building Confidence and Trust.
With responsibility for more than $80 billion in assets, Mellon Capital Management shapes the financial future for thousands of beneficiaries. And options from CBOE play a prominent role in the firm's investment strategies.

Mellon is a leader in indexation and tactical asset allocation strategies. According to Charlie Jacklin, "We appreciate the liquidity of the S&P 500 options and the fact that CBOE's options are cleared by the Options Clearing Corporation, which has a triple-A credit rating."

Flex Your Options.
Since 1993 the CBOE has offered FLexible EXchange® (FLEX®) options. They allow customers to customize key contract terms, including exercise prices, exercise styles and expiration dates.

Says Jacklin, "While options in general give us more investment flexibility, the FLEX options have added value for our customers who need customized instruments."

Blue Chip Stability.
CBOE has the broadest array of blue-chip index options anywhere. In fact, options on more than 40 stock indexes are traded at the CBOE, including options on these indices: S&P 500® (SPX), The Dowtm (DJX), S&P 100® (OEX), Russell 2000® (RUT), and Nasdaq 100® (NDX).

See how versatile and effective options can be in helping you build your portfolio - and meeting your investment goals.