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Testimonial on Index Options

For over 30 years, Connors has utilized covered call option writing in portfolios to enhance the cash flow and lower the volatility typically associated with equity investing. The returns of the BXM index exemplify the advantages of option writing and provide tangible evidence for investors of the positive risk-adjusted returns that the strategy can generate."

-- Peter J. Connors, President, Connors Investor Services, Inc., Wyomissing, PA

Videos - Portfolio Managers Discuss Use of CBOE Options

Dennis Davitt, Harvest Volatility Advisors (CBOE RMC in March 2014) (04:40) --
"...Volatility is a tool to be used across many different asset classes..."

Puneet Kohli, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (CBOE RMC in March 2014) (03:10) -
"...We have the ability to trade options, to trade futures...we do it prudently..."

Scott Maidel, Russell Investments (CBOE RMC in March 2014) (02:55) --
"...we have found a great degree of interest in buy-write, put-write, as well as various hedging strategies...ties in very, very well with CBOE's BXM, BXY and PUT indexes..."

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