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The Gold Standard in Options Education

The Gold Standard in Options Education


  • Two days of LIVE instruction at CBOE or online
  • Eight 75-minute LIVE webinars to build on what you’ve learned
  • Educational coaching from industry professionals
  • Group discussion boards exclusively for class participants
Level 3 Advanced
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OPTIONS INSTITUTE PLUSSM – Level 3 - Advanced Curriculum

If you want to increase your understanding and use of advanced options trading techniques, our OPTIONS INSTITUTE PLUS Level 3, Advanced program, may be just right for you. Our comprehensive curriculum includes live instruction (in person or online), webinars and educational coaching. The program content includes advanced options trading principles that can be used in today's market environment to initiate and manage complex option spread positions. Educators take participants beyond the basic spread strategies introduced in Level 2 by discussing complex spreads, position management, delta-neutral trading and unique strategies for Weeklys options, leveraged ETFs and VIX derivatives.

The Options Extreme 2-Day Classroom Experience

Attend our 2-day live classroom experience at The Options Institute in Chicago or participate virtually online.

    Classroom concepts include:
  • Trading and Managing Complex Spreads
  • Strategies for Weeklys Options
  • Trading and Managing Complex Calendar Spreads
  • Strategies for Leveraged ETFs
  • Trading and Managing Broken Wing Butterfly Spreads
  • Delta Neutral Trading and Position Management
  • Trading Volatility Derivatives

Webcast Series - Eight 75-Minute Interactive Sessions

Using The Options Institute's webcast system, educators will explore and expand upon the many options-trading and strategy-based concepts discussed in the live classroom experience. Each of the 8 weekly webcasts has one "education topic," one "market topic" and a Weekly Market Update that is designed to provide students with a methodology for identify trading opportunities.

Online Courses

Using The Options Institute's online course system, students access course content to complement the classroom curriculum. Online courses delve further into classroom concepts introduced and are designed to enhance a student's knowledge.

Meet Our Professional Educators

Jim Bittman

Director of Program Development
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Jim Bittman

Marty Kearney

Director of Educational Programs
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Marty Kearney

Peter Lusk

Senior Instructor
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Peter Lusk

Russell Rhoads, CFA

Instructor and Content Developer
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Russell Rhoads, CFA
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