CBOE - OptionQuest

Your Education Snapshot:

NEW! OptionQuestSM Online Game

The options strategy game that will challenge your knowledge and help sharpen your trading skills. Whether you have just set sail to explore the world of options or conquered the “Greeks” in the jungles of option pricing, OptionQuest will be a daring adventure for you.

How to Play

Players will select a skill level and have a set time to build their “portfolio” by correctly answering 10 options questions. During the game, players will be able to wager their portfolio and purchase hints. Fictional “bonus dollars” will be awarded for completing the quest within the time allotted.

OptionQuest is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Your use of OptionQuest is subject to the Terms and Conditions of CBOE Websites.

Click here for instruction booklet (pdf format).

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