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Industry Advocacy:
Education Image of CBOE Mobile application on an iPad
CBOE Mobile, a free iPhone and iPad application, provides users with the most popular content from CBOE’s website, including delayed quotes, market snapshots, options education, CBOETV programming, a CBOE Twitter feed and financial news updates.

Now in its 25th year, The Options Institute, the Company’s educational arm, is reaching a global audience and enriching the learning process with innovative programs, both live and online. The Institute reaches a diverse universe of investors, with varying levels of options education and experience: retail customers, institutional investors, financial advisors, fund managers, brokers and regulators. The Institute also partners with trading and brokerage firms to conduct presentations for their staff and customers.

The Options Institute provides a series of comprehensive online courses, tutorials and webcasts through its website—cboe.com/education. In 2010, the Institute launched Education Snapshot, a new self-guided educational experience that assesses users’ options knowledge and designs a learning program specific to their skill set.

In October, Options Institute Plus, a ten-week comprehensive educational program for investors with varying levels of options experience, was introduced. The program integrates classroom instruction with online learning, where webcasts and discussion boards serve to supplement the interaction between instructors and students.

Our award-winning website, cboe.com, is the definitive online source for options news and information. Some of the most popular areas on the website include CBOETV, where visitors can watch videos of daily options reports, strategy features and highlights from exchange events and ceremonies; and the virtual trading tools—Virtual Trade, paperMONEY and paperTRADE™—that let users practice investment strategies risk-free in simulated market environments.

In 2010, the site was redesigned to further improve the user experience with streamlined navigation and new personalized elements. Our website is consistently ranked as one of the top websites in the financial industry and continues to be immensely popular with options investors of all types.

Our annual Risk Management Conference (RMC) is the premier educational forum for institutional users of listed equity derivatives. The conference, now in its 27th year, attracts leading financial professionals who discuss the latest products, trends and strategies in the industry. RMC sessions, taught by industry-leading practitioners, focus on managing risk exposure, enhancing yield and understanding current trends. Over the years, the conference’s “think tank” setting has fostered a sharing of ideas that have led to some of the new products introduced by CBOE.

Extending our educational message through new mediums, we expanded our social media activities to communicate with our customers, and potential new options users, in exciting new ways. The Company was one of the first movers in the exchange space on Twitter. CBOE’s Tweets give updates on the latest exchange news, market highlights, trading floor insights and links to educational resources and CBOETV video clips. Currently, of the more than 190 million total Twitter accounts, twitter.com/cboe ranks 366th with 770,449 “followers.”

With increasing traffic to our website coming from iPhone users, we recently launched a free CBOE Mobile application, which offers users a device-specific experience for viewing the most popular content from the Company’s website. A similar application for iPad users is also available. Most recently, in January 2011, we launched a “CBOE fan page” on Facebook, which will feature ongoing programs and news items from the exchange.

Education is no longer confined by four walls, and the classroom of today knows no bounds. As use of the options product gains more acceptance and the industry’s audience widens, we remain committed to delivering our educational message through a variety of mediums.


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The Options Institute
2010 by the Numbers

  • 471 seminars and events conducted
  • Attended by more than 43,000 investors
  • 22 different online courses offered
  • 153 webcasts archived by year's end
  • 25,054 free online courses completed


Social Media Initiatives
Through March 10, 2011

  • On Twitter, @CBOE has 770,449 “followers”
  • Of the more than 190 million total Twitter accounts, twitter.com/cboe ranks 366th
  • CBOE Mobile, a free iPhone app, was downloaded 6,585 times in its first three months
  • The iPad version of CBOE Mobile was downloaded 703 times in its first three days
  • CBOE’s Facebook page received 2,027 "likes” in its first month
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