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Our unique coverage – bringing together equities, derivatives, FX and indexes – represents a stronger and broader business in Europe.
European Equities

Cboe Europe Equities is a Recognised Investment Exchange and the largest pan-European exchange by market share and value traded.

We offer equities trading across 25 indices and 15 major European markets.


Investors around the world looking for ways to manage risk from all time zones can now trade Cboe's key index contracts, like VIX and SPX, as well as Cboe Bitcoin (USD) futures during global trading hours.

Volume during Global Trading Hours has continued to grow as market participants have reacted to world events, hedged positions and aimed to capitalise on changes in volatility well before and after regular U.S. trading hours.

  • Trade VIX options, VIX Weeklys options, SPX, SPX Weeklys options and End-of-Month options 13 hours a day

  • VX futures, VX Weeklys futures, and XBT futures are open nearly 23 hours a day, 5 days a week

Foreign Exchange

Cboe FX brings the powerful benefits of independent, transparent market structure to institutional foreign exchange trading.

Our expanding model provides greater control of the trading process, enabling better trade execution and lower transaction costs for our global customer base.

European Indexes

The Cboe Europe suite of indexes comprises 57 European indices across 15 countries, pan-European and Eurozone regions, Brexit and sector indices.

The indexes are highly correlated with comparable benchmarks that investors use every day and are calculated using data from Cboe Europe Equities.*

They are free of charge for benchmarking purposes, and to media and vendor clients to distribute in real time. One simple licence can cover all Europe and extended rights to affiliates and clients at greatly reduced costs.

*All of Cboe Europe indexes are valued using the trading taking place on its exchange with the exception of the UK Alternative 100, which uses NEX Exchange data.

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