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Welcome To CFLEXSM

Welcome to CFLEXSM, CBOE's new low-cost, internet-based FLEX system. CFLEX retains the existing advantages of exchange-traded FLEX options while providing a substantial improvement in operational efficiency. Connectivity to the system has been designed to be attractive and user-friendly - a signed user agreement and internet accessible workstation are all that is required.

  • Internet based; stand-alone, browser-based application available or may be accessed via the internet through our API;
  • Strict Price-Time matching algorithm;
  • Anonymous trading;
  • Live Order Books;
  • Secondary auction market to alter or completely offset the position.

Why FLEX Options on CFLEX?

  • Transparency of price and terms;
  • Administrative ease;
  • Reliable and secure;
  • Clearing guarantees by the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC);
  • Price discovery of competitive auction market;
  • Daily valuation by an independent party (OCC).

CFLEX Production Download

To download the CFLEX runtime from the Primary download site please click here.

NOTE: If your firm's network has not been authorized by CBOE, you will not be able to access this download.

CFLEX User Documentation

CFLEX GUI User Guide and API Documentation
CFLEX Application and Guarantee Form in Adobe Acrobat Format
CFLEX Login Request Form in Adobe Acrobat Format
CFLEX Web Access Request Form in Adobe Acrobat Format
CFLEX Quick Reference Guide in Adobe Acrobat Format

FLEX Options Product Information

FLEX Symbology
Equity FLEX Options
Index FLEX Options
FLEX Price and Open Interest Reports
FLEX Options Product Specifications in Adobe Acrobat Format

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