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Advanced Volatility Dispersion System

Monthly Price : $400.00 -- 14-Day Free Trial!

Volatility dispersion trading is a popular hedging strategy designed to let traders take advantage of relative value differences in implied volatilities between an index and a basket of component stocks.

Our Advanced Volatility Dispersion System provides volatility dispersion traders with current and historical measures on stock indices to determine the best time to engage in a dispersion strategy. It also provides several measures to help choose the components of the basket and create options portfolios on indexes and component stocks based on a chosen strategy. Measures include implied correlation, Equivalent Index IV, Stock Specific Variance, contribution in Index IV and ratios of index volatilities calculated from the components vs. actual index vol.

Key Features include the following:

Web Based Interface
Users do not have to worry about installation, feeds, firewall issues, etc.

IVolatility.com Database
The numbers are calculated using IVolatility.com database, which is fast becoming an industry standard for equity options derived data.

Comprehensive Coverage
Major US Indexes and HOLDRS plus some World Indexes are covered including BBH, CAC, DAX, DJX, MSH, OEX, OIH, OSX, PPH, RTH, SMH, SOX, SPX, SWH, TX60, UTH, and XLF.

Market Prices
Once you build your basket, you can see current market prices and greeks of your portfolio. Baskets can be built using Notional or Vega-neutral methods of allocation.

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