Cboe FLEX® Options

Welcome To CFLEXSM

Welcome to CFLEXSM, Cboe's new low-cost, internet-based FLEX system. CFLEX retains the existing advantages of exchange-traded FLEX options while providing a substantial improvement in operational efficiency. Connectivity to the system has been designed to be attractive and user-friendly - a signed user agreement and internet accessible workstation are all that is required.


  • Internet based; stand-alone, browser-based application available or may be accessed via the internet through our API;
  • Strict Price-Time matching algorithm;
  • Anonymous trading;
  • Live Order Books;
  • Secondary auction market to alter or completely offset the position.

Why FLEX Options on CFLEX?

  • Transparency of price and terms;
  • Administrative ease;
  • Reliable and secure;
  • Clearing guarantees by the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC);
  • Price discovery of competitive auction market;
  • Daily valuation by an independent party (OCC).

CFLEX Production Download

To download the CFLEX runtime from the Primary download site please click here.

NOTE: If your firm's network has not been authorized by Cboe, you will not be able to access this download.