WeeklysSM Options

WeeklysSM Options From Cboe: Expiration Opportunities Every Week!

In Oct 2005, Cboe introduced Weeklys Options "Weeklys". Weeklys were established to provide expiration opportunities every week, affording investors the ability to implement more targeted buying, selling and spreading strategies. Specifically, Weeklys may help investors to more efficiently take advantage of major market events, such as earnings, government reports and Fed announcements.

For most securities, Weeklys are typically listed on Thursdays and expire on Fridays, provided that such expirations were not previously listed (i.e., Weeklys are not listed if they would expire on a standard 3rd Friday expiration or where a Quarterly or End of Month expiring option already exists). In addition, if the listing or expiration dates fall on a holiday the listing or expiration date would typically be the day prior to the holiday.

Closing times for most Weeklys match the closing times for standard, non-Weeklys on the same underlying. See links below for exact times, and click here for a comprehensive listing of the available Weeklys expirations currently listed for trading.