TradeBuilder with Trade Analyzer

TradeBuilder with Trade Analyzer

Using your target outlook for any optionable stock or ETF, TradingBlock's new TradeBuilder and Trade Analyzer helps you rank different option strategies by their expected profit/loss or probability of making any profit, and graphically "what-if" their risk-return opportunity under various market scenarios.

The patent-pending TradeBuilder is an innovative strategy development tool that lets you compare up to 40 option strategies against simply going long or short the stock (or ETF). TradeBuilder not only ranks prospective strategies, but also provides information regarding each strategy's risk profile, and its maximum gain/loss potential.

To help you visualize each strategy's potential profit and loss, click "View P/L Graph" and Trade Analyzer graphs the strategy's theoretical P/L over a range of prices, dates and volatilities. Adjust your target price, date or volatility settings to "what-if" performance under different scenarios for a better understanding of your potential risk.

Have an outlook for a stock? Use TradeBuilder to rank option strategies based on expected profit/loss or probability of making any profit

Plug your stock or ETF and target outlook into TradeBuilder's strategy engine to produce up to 40 stock and option strategies ranked by their expected profit/loss or probability of making any profit.

Simple 4-step Process

To use, simply enter your outlook including the underlying symbol, price outlook, target date, and volatility forecast, and click "Find Strategies". TradeBuilder results will display a simple long or short stock position, and five or more option strategies along with their respective risk profile and potential gain/loss and maximum loss potential. Click on the "View P/L Graph" button to launch Trade Analyzer to "what if" the strategy over any range of prices, dates or volatilities.

Find and rank new strategies

TradeBuilder quickly scans and displays 40 stock and option strategies, and ranks each strategy based on probability of breakeven or better, or by expected profit/loss.

See a strategy you like? View more

TradeBuilder allows you to view multiple versions of the same strategy so you can compare profit/loss or probabilities to find one which meets your risk-return tolerance.

Use Trade Analyzer to understand your trade's potential profit and loss before you place money at risk

While there's no certainty of profit with any strategy, with Trade Analyzer you can graphically "what-if" any strategy's potential profit and loss to help you understand your risk. Change dates, prices and volatility to see how a strategy may react under dynamic market conditions.

Dynamic Controls

Adjust target date, price and/or volatility parameters to see how a strategy performs under changing market conditions. Understand a strategy's potential risk under different scenarios.

Custom performance views

View theoretical performance in terms of Profit (Loss), Value and %Return, over different dates, different volatilities or different price points.

Performance Summary & Advanced Analytics

View total position cost, plus estimated Profit (Loss) or %Return. You can even view the daily effect time has on this position (i.e. "time decay"). Click on the "Advanced Analytics" tab to view position greeks (delta, gamma, theta, vega) by price, volatility or price point to view the strategy's potential risk.



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