CBOE Rule Filings

Date Document Description Federal Register Publications
08/15/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-057  Proposal to increase the position limit for options on certain broad-based ETFs.
07/17/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-056  Proposal to amend Rule 6.1.
07/11/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-055  Proposal to amend the Fees Schedule
06/30/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-054  Proposal to Amend Rule 6.74A, Automated Improvement Mechanism
06/29/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-053 Withdrawn
06/29/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-052  Proposal to amend the Fees Schedule
06/26/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-010 Wi... Withdrawn
06/23/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-051  Proposal to extend the Credit Options Margin Pilot Program for one year
06/23/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-050  Proposal to extend the SPY position limit pilot program for one year
06/16/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-049  Proposed Rule Change Related to Rule 6.56
06/09/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-048  Proposal regarding IVV options.
06/06/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-019 wi... Withdrawn
06/02/2017 SR-CBOE-2016-082 wi... Withdrawn
06/01/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-047  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
05/31/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-045  Proposal to Extend the Penny Pilot Period until December 31, 2017
05/23/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-043  Proposed Rule Change To CAT Fee Dispute Procedures
05/22/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-044  Proposal to Amend Rule 6.18
05/16/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-040  Proposal Regarding the Fees Schedule
05/15/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-042  Proposal Regarding Market Maker Reports
05/15/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-041  Proposed Rule Change to Amend Rules Duplicative of CAT