CBOE Rule Filings

Date Document Description Federal Register Publications
03/22/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-024  Proposal to Amend Trade Reporting Duties
03/14/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-022  Proposal to Amend the MDX Fees Schedule
03/14/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-020 wi... Withdrawn
03/07/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-019  Proposal Regarding Complex Order Definitions and Ratios
03/06/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-021  Proposal Regarding Complex Orders
02/23/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-016  Proposed Rule Change Related to Complex Order Price Protections
02/23/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-018  Proposal Regarding Rule 6.74A
02/22/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-017  Proposal to Amend CBOE Bylaws and Certificate of Incorporation
02/15/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-010  Proposal Regarding Rule 6.6
02/13/2017 SR-CBOE-2016-088
Amendment 1
Proposal Related to the Nullification and Adjustment of Options Transactions
02/13/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-014  Proposal Regarding the Non-Standard Expirations Pilot Program
02/10/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-015  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
02/10/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-013 wi... Withdrawn
01/30/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-012  Proposed Rule Change Related to CAT
01/30/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-006 wi... Withdrawn
01/27/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-011  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
01/24/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-009  Proposed Rule Change Related to Allocation and Priority
01/20/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-005 wi... Withdrawn
01/18/2017 SR-CBOE-2016-078 wi... Withdrawn
01/17/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-002 wi... Withdrawn