Cboe Rule Filings

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Date Document Description
07/18/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-052  SR-CBOE-2018-052 - Proposal to extend the Credit Option Margin Pilot Program through July 18, 2019.
07/16/2018 SR-FINRA-2018-026  SR-FINRA-2018-026 - Proposed rule change to amend FINRA Rule 12214 and 13214.
07/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-051  SR-CBOE-2018-051 - Proposal to extend expiring fee waivers and eliminate the Flex Trader Incentive Program.
07/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-050  SR-CBOE-2018-050 - Proposal to adopt a financial incentive program for MSCI LMM(s).
07/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-049  SR-CBOE-2018-049 - Proposed rule change to amend the Fees Schedule.
06/26/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-047  SR-CBOE-2018-047 - The Exchange proposes to extend the Penny Pilot Program.
06/25/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-048  SR-CBOE-2018-048 - Proposed rule filing amends Rule 24.6, Days and Hours of Business.
06/15/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-045  SR-CBOE-2018-045 - Proposed rule change amending Rule 6.2, Hybrid Opening (and Sometimes Closing) System ("HOSS").
06/15/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-046  SR-CBOE-2018-046 - Proposed rule change amends the sequence in which the system will open series for trading on the Exchange.
06/08/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-044  SR-CBOE-2018-044 - Proposal to clarify the heightened quoting standards under the SPX Select Market-Maker program.
06/07/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-043  SR-CBOE-2018-043 - Proposal to reduce the size of the Crowd Space Dispute Hearing Panels.
06/04/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-042  SR-CBOE-2018-042 - Proposed rule change to amend the position limit for SPY options.
06/04/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-041  SR-CBOE-2018-041 - Proposed rule change to amend the Fees Schedule.
05/07/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-040  SR-CBOE-2018-040 - Proposed rule change to modify criteria for listing an option on an underlying covered security.
05/03/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-039  SR-CBOE-2018-039 - Proposed rule change to amend the Fees Schedule.
05/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-038  SR-CBOE-2018-038 - Proposal to renew the Nonstandard Expirations pilot program.
05/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-037  SR-CBOE-2018-037 - Proposal to extend the operation of the Flexible Exchange Options pilot program.
05/02/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-036  SR-CBOE-2018-036 - Proposal to extend the operation of the SPXPM pilot program.
05/01/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-035  SR-CBOE-2018-035 - Proposed rule change to amend the Silexx Fees Schedule.
05/01/2018 SR-CBOE-2018-034  SR-CBOE-2018-034 - Proposed rule change to amend the Fees Schedule.

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