CSMI Frequently Asked Questions

BXM Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why was the Cboe S&P 500 BuyWrite Index (BXM) created?
  • Which organization has created and updated the BXM Index?
  • What time period is covered by the BXM Index?
  • What is the price level of BXM?
  • How is the BXM Index calculated?
  • How often is the BXM Index calculated and disseminated?
  • Can an investor gain exposure to BXM through tradable, investable instruments?
  • How has the BXM performed in different types of market environments?
  • What type of volatility has the BXM had in past years?
  • What are the risks of engaging in a strategy designed to track BXM?
  • Are commissions and other transaction costs included in BXM, and are the BXM results achievable by individual and institutional investors?
  • Where can I get historical data?

Cboe Gemini Bitcoin Futures Index (Ticker: XBTX) Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Cboe Gemini Bitcoin Futures Index all about?
  • What does the index tell you about the bitcoin market? For example, VIX measures volatility; what does this index measure?
  • If the index is based on futures prices, what is the connection to Gemini?
  • How is this different from the CME’s index?
  • What exactly is a strategy benchmark index?