Virtual Trade

This Virtual Trade Tool, provided by optionsXpress, will not be available after September 30, 2017. We are working to provide a replacement Virtual Trading Tool in 2017 and hope to have a launch date soon. In the meantime, please use our many other free Trading Tools, including Strategy Planning Tools, calculators, and more at

CBOE is proud to offer a state of the art Virtual Trade Tool designed to let you test your trading knowledge and market savvy without putting any money on the line.

Ever wanted to test a new strategy before putting it into action? With virtual options trading, you can and best of all, this virtual options tool is completely free to use! You'll even get to experiment with complex orders and advanced strategies like one-cancels-other (OCO), and much more.


Trade Screens

  • Get a feel for the real thing by using our virtual trade screens.
  • Virtually trade stocks, options, spreads, straddles and covered call trades.
  • Experiment with advanced order strategies like triggers and one-cancels-other (OCO).

Research Data

  • Integrated stock and option quote detail screens.
  • Get quotes at any time from any screen using our integrated quote window.

Helpful Features

  • Analyze your performance thoroughly by downloading your positions.
  • Set reminders for yourself by using our notes feature for positions.
  • Get up to speed quickly using our links to glossary terms and how-tos.
  • Free live chat support is available to help whenever you need it.
  • And don't worry, you can "reset" your account and start fresh at any time.


The Virtual Trade tool is provided by optionsXpress, Inc. ("OX") and is located on the OX website. OX is an independent, registered broker-dealer not affiliated with Chicago Board Options Exchange, Incorporated or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively, "CBOE"). OX provides account services and support for the Virtual Trade tool. Acceptance and execution of virtual trading orders or administration of your virtual trading account with OX constitutes assent to the OX Terms and Conditions delivered and then posted on the OX Website and in effect regarding virtual trading. The OX website is a separate website from the CBOE website. CBOE is not accepting or otherwise involved in virtual trading orders or involved in any manner in your virtual trading account with OX or with any other account you may have or establish with OX. CBOE is not responsible for or liable with respect to any activity on the OX website or with respect to any use of any OX products or services.