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COBWebSM Spread Education Center

Equity Spread Strategies

Covered Combination
Stock Repair (Ratio Call Spread)
LEAPS Bull Call Spread
Vertical Spread Module/Quiz
Ratio Call Spread Module/Quiz

Index Spread Strategies

Protective Collar
TYX Sell Put Spread
FVX Sell Call Spread
Nasdaq Bull-Call Spread (pdf)
XEO Short Put Spread (pdf)
DJX Bull Call Spread (pdf)
OEX Bear Put Spread (pdf)
SPX Protective Collar (pdf)
QQQ Protective Collar (pdf)
MNX Long Straddle (pdf)

Weekly Strategy Archive:

The Weekly Strategy Archive is a collection of discussion pieces created by the Options Institute, the educational arm of the CBOE, which are designed to assist individuals in learning how options work and in understanding various options strategies. Some of the spread strategy discussions include:

  • Strangles
  • Collars
  • Call Spreads
  • Put Spreads

Each discussion uses real world examples on actual CBOE-listed products and displays a table of various potential outcomes.

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Online Webcasts

Check out our live and archived Educational Webcasts. Webcasts cover a wide array of options related material and include the following spread topics:

  • Butterfly Spreads
  • Credit Spreads
  • Backspreads
  • Time Spreads
  • Straddles
  • Condors

MyCBOE registration is required for these valuable and informative webcasts but registration is free.

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Interactive Strategy Testing Tools and Resources:

Virtual Trade
iVolatility Strategist Scanners & Worksheets (Free trial)
Options Dictionary

CBOE Volatility Index (VIX)