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About OI

For 35 years, The Options Institute has served as a resource for seasoned options traders as well as those just getting their feet wet. OI trains everyone from the guy who trades cryptos and plays DFS to the CEO of a Fortune 500 to Governmental leaders.

Backed by Cboe Global Markets (Cboe), home of the largest U.S. options exchange — it’s THE authority on trading options. Join us for a tour of the trading floor, sample an online class, or even tackle a full course. Welcome home.

About Cboe

Are you wondering — who’s Cboe? It’s just an acronym, don’t sweat it.

Cboe (pronounced “sea-bow, kinda like sea as in ocean, bow as in bow and arrow) is a global exchange operator and home to the first and largest options exchange in the U.S. — Cboe Exchange, Inc. (Cboe Options), formerly known as the Chicago Board Options Exchange. While we’ve got your attention, how ‘bout we explore why options exchanges were created in the first place?

Kinda obviously, an options exchange creates an opportunity for the flow of options contracts. An exchange is sorta like the crossroads of a digital superhighway for capital, offering the full gamut of financial tools, services and access.

Drawing on its legacy of innovation, Cboe Options creates options products and is an industry leader in every aspect of the trading experience. Now you know.

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