Get a complete, in-depth look at SPXSM options from CBOE. Discover advantages and real-world examples for trading CBOE's suite of S&P® Index options with this three-part live webinar series.

Join CBOE for this special online webinar series - valued at over $600 - at no cost. Options expert Marty Kearney of The Options InstituteSM at CBOE will lead a comprehensive exploration of SPX and SPY options for your risk management, diversification and income strategies. Over three nights, this webinar series will cover:

9|17 - The SPX Settlement Advantage: Explore trading examples comparing the differences in settlement of SPX and SPY options, including cash vs. shares; and European vs. American style exercise
9|18 - The SPX Size Advantage: Gain deeper understanding of SPX’s large contract size and potential tax benefits*. Also get an introduction to CBOE’s Mini-SPX options (XSPSM) for added flexibility
9|19 - The SPX Hedging Advantage: Discover trading strategies for more efficient hedging with SPX Index options, plus see real-world examples

About The Presenter:
Marty Kearney

Marty Kearney is a veteran instructor with The Options Institute, the educational arm of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and has been a regular contributor to many news services, including Reuters, Group W, The CBS Radio Network, Derivatives Week, BARRON'S, FORTUNE, Ticker Magazine, Stock Futures and Options, CNBC, Bloomberg, NPR and others.

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