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Advancing Market Competition and Best Execution in Japan.

Better Trading Opportunities Highly Transparent Rules

Cboe Japan is a leading PTS (Proprietary Trading System) for Japanese equities, providing members and investors with better trading opportunities at lower cost under highly transparent rules.

Daily Value Traded


Largest daily value ever traded on Cboe Japan was on 7th March 2024.

Total Price Saving


Total savings in 2023 of trades on Cboe compared to the Exchange's best quote.

Price Improvement

3.4 BPS

The average price improvement in 2023 provided by Cboe Japan.

Cboe Japan's Market

Cboe Japan develops unique range of markets to provide solutions to evolving needs of market participants.

Alpha and Select

Displayed continuous matching of limit lit orders during and outside TSE.


VWAP cross prior to TSE trading hours.

Cboe BIDS Japan

Dark market solution to mitigate market impact.

Today's Activity

About Cboe Japan

Cboe Japan is operating trading venues for Japanese equities. It is a market operator independent of any brokers and/or trading firms, focusing on fair and transparent market operation. It operates multiple markets; all are for trading Japanese equities but each is serving to different needs of market participants.

Japan introduced the concept of PTS with an expectation that competition among trading venues would strengthen the efficiency and resiliency of the entire Japanese equities market. Our goal is to support our participants’ fiduciary duties and to contribute to Japanese equity market and ultimately to the stable growth of national wealth through healthy market competition and reduction of trading cost.

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To All Investors - Fees, Risks, and Precautions

When using the services listed on the Cboe Japan website to invest in products handled by Cboe Japan, it is necessary to do so through a securities company that participates in our trading. In such cases, you may be required to pay the commissions and expenses determined by the securities company for each product. In addition, each product may incur losses due to price fluctuations, etc. The fees charged by the securities company may differ depending on the securities company. Please check with your securities company regarding the fees, as well as the risks and other precautions associated with such of the transactions and carefully read the pre-contract document or the listed securities documents, etc. provided by the securities company for more details.

Cboe Japan Limited, Financial Instruments Business Operator, Director General of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 2426, Member Association: Japan Securities Dealers Association.

We operate a PTS (Proprietary Trading System), and we match stock trading with securities companies registered in Japan as participants. The Company does not provide services to persons other than Professional Investors. The content provided here is for Professional Investors only.