A modern, efficient pan-European derivatives market

European single stock options now live!

Cboe Europe Derivatives (CEDX) is a pan-European derivatives marketplace which enables participants to access a vibrant equity derivatives market through a single access point, creating efficiencies in trading and clearing. Our mission is to build a modern pan-European marketplace designed to grow the European equity derivatives market overall and create new opportunities and efficiencies for market participants to express their views and manage their equity exposure.

Key Features

A Single Access Point

A Single Access Point

Access a modern, efficient pan-European derivatives marketplace through a single access point, streamlining operational costs

On-screen liquidity

On-screen liquidity

CEDX promotes deep and liquid on-screen markets through attractive incentive schemes and in-built protections for market-makers

Enhanced product design

Enhanced product design

CEDX products are designed with customer needs on top of mind, with market-friendly contract specifications and tick sizes, cost-effective pricing and common rulesets

Clearing Efficiencies

Clearing Efficiencies

All trades on CEDX clear via Cboe Clear Europe, a leading pan-European clearing house, offering unrivalled margin efficiencies across cash equities and equity derivatives positions.

Market Structure and Design

CEDX has developed an enhanced market design for the trading of European equity derivatives. The Central Limit Order Book sits at the core of the CEDX offering to promote deep and liquid markets. Complementary functionalities, aimed at supporting price discovery and price improvement, include automated price improvement auctions and block trading functionality for pre-arranged block trading for larger-sized liquidity.


Designed to promote deep and liquid on-screen markets.


Tried and tested automated price improvement auction mechanisms for client orders.


A transparent block publication regime for larger-sized orders.


Index Derivatives:

CEDX offers a range of futures and options contracts based on Cboe Europe single country and pan-European indices.

Equity Options:

CEDX offers pan-European single stock options unlocking significant efficiencies in trading and clearing.

Disclaimer: This information is not being provided as part of an offer or sale of any futures or options products to any persons located within the United States.

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