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Why Cboe Market Data

Accurate. Cost Effective. Reliable.

Cboe operates markets around the globe in equities, options, futures, FX and crypto.

As one of the world's largest exchange operators, we pride ourselves on creating strong, transparent markets. You can access proprietary data from our world-class markets through a variety of cost-effective solutions that we've designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We deliver these solutions through our reliable network that we're constantly refining because when you have robust data you can rely on, you can truly discover the possibilities of what's next for your business.

Market Data Solutions

Our variety of data products were developed to meet the needs of all data consumers large, small and everything in between. We offer solutions ranging from low-latency, top-of-book feeds to full depth-of-book feeds and historical data.

Explore our products by asset class and region below. Need help finding the right solution? Reach out to one of our experts. We can help you customize a cost-effective data plan to get the most out of our markets.

Global FX

$44.09B Average Daily Volume

The Cboe FX marketplace features a diverse, multi-contributor client base, making it a robust source of FX price discovery. As a result, Cboe FX's live and historical market data options offer unique market insights when used in trading models, algorithms, and analytics.

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U.S. Futures

VIX Market Data

CFE market data is provided via real-time data feeds consisting of futures quotes and trades from the Cboe Futures Exchange ("CFE"). Top of Book and Depth of Book feeds are available. The data includes futures on Cboe proprietary products, including VIX futures.

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U.S. Equities

NVDA $131.27 (11.2M)
SIRI $2.62 (6.6M)
SQQQ $8.44 (5.3M)
Most Active Symbols on BZX

The Cboe U.S. Equities Exchanges (EDGA, EDGX, BYX and BZX) provide a robust offering of market data options to suit customers' diverse needs. Cboe U.S. is the largest US Equity Market Operator by volume traded intraday, excluding auctions.

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U.S. Options

9.71M Average Daily Contracts

The Cboe Options Exchanges (Cboe Options, C2 Options, BZX Options, and EDGX Options) provide multiple market data feeds to suit customers’ diverse needs based on the market and liquidity they're looking to obtain.

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European Equities

Cboe Europe Market Share

Cboe Europe Equities offers a variety of market data products to customers in Europe to suit their diverse needs. Cboe prides itself on providing a cost-effective, high-quality market data solution for users ranging from trading participants to website re-distributors.

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Australian Equities

$5.98B+ Largest Daily Value Traded

Cboe Australia's cash equities platform executes nearly $6b in trades daily with more than 20% market share of the Australian equities market. Market Data feeds from Cboe Australia provide a significant view into the Australian equities market.

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Canadian Equities

$29.59B+ NEO Monthly Value Traded

Cboe Canada offers innovative, cost-effective market data solutions for the Canadian equities market through MATCHNow (dark pool) and the NEO Exchange, which consists of three unique marketplaces. Real-time data for securities listed on the NEO Exchange is free of charge.


Japanese Equities

¥332.46B+ Average Daily Volume

Cboe Japan is a leading PTS (Proprietary Trading System) for Japanese equities. Cboe Japan operates three distinct marketplaces and provides access to quote & trade data as well as historical data for one of the largest equities markets in the world.

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European Derivatives

8,307 Monthly Volume

Cboe Europe Derivatives (CEDX) is a modern, lit marketplace for equity index options and futures. Market data from CEDX provides data consumers with a truly pan-European view of the derivatives marketplace.

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Bitcoin Ethereum

Cboe crypto market data is available for Futures products provided via real-time websocket or FIX APIs.

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The Top Market Data Providers Partner with Cboe

A direct connection to our market data may not be the right solution for every firm. That's why Cboe partners with the world's top market data providers – so you can get the data you need without having to establish a direct connection.

Below is a sampling of our premier market data providers. If you need help identifying a provider that meets your requirements, let us help guide you in the right direction. Contact Us

Cboe Market Data Services Onboarding Portal

The Cboe Market Data Services Onboarding Portal is your tool to request new or additional Cboe Exchange data.

If you have questions or concerns during the onboarding process, please feel free to reach out to Cboe Market Data Services at [email protected].

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