Cboe Global Indices is the leading derivatives-based index provider in the world, with powerful capability to realize complex index concepts backed by the largest pool of derivatives data and supplemented with proprietary pricing algorithms. Cboe Global Indices is driven to making derivatives exposure accessible.

Cboe Global Indices Feed

Cboe offers a streaming index data feed delivering real-time values to market participants. Values include indices, like SPX, VIX® and BXM® as well as indices from S&P and Dow Jones Indices, FTSE Russell, MSCI, Morningstar, Ameribor, CoinRoutes RealPrice, Gemini, Societe Generale and others. Various channels and pricing options available.

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The Cboe Volatility Index®

(VIX® Index)

One of the most recognized measures of volatility, the VIX Index is a calculation designed to produce a measure of constant, 30-day expected volatility of the U.S. stock market, derived from real-time, mid-quote prices of S&P 500® Index call and put options.

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Featured Indices

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Strategy Benchmark Indices

Cboe offers dozens of benchmark indices that show the performance of hypothetical strategies using index options or VIX® Futures.

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European Indices

Cboe Europe offers 59 indices across 18 markets, including single country and regional indices, that provide a cost-effective solution for market participants looking for real-time, high quality index data.

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