Global RMC 2022 Recap - A Week in Iceland

Cboe Blog
November 2, 2022

Cboe hosted its first-ever global Risk Management Conference (RMC) in Reykjavik, Iceland in October, gathering people from around the world and across the industry to discuss risk management, trading strategies, challenges and more.

Notably, Cboe made two exciting announcements at RMC. First, Cboe announced the creation of the Cboe S&P 500 Dispersion Index, which is intended to represent the implied dispersion among S&P 500 constituents over a 1-month horizon, based on the prices of single stock and index options. The creation of the index was a collaboration between Cboe Labs and S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI), underscoring the strength of Cboe and S&P DJI's long-standing relationship and highlighting the companies' shared commitment to drive innovation through rigorous data analysis and academic research. During RMC, S&P DJI’s Tim Edwards also presented an analysis of dispersion.

Later at RMC, Cboe announced the Options Institute Research Grant Program, along with the program’s first sponsors, S&P DJI and MSCI. The Options Institute Research Grant Program is part of Cboe’s goal to operate an inclusive global marketplace that helps all market participants better understand financial products, market data and trading strategies. 

S&P DJI and MSCI each sponsored $35,000 grants focused on different areas of market research. The S&P DJI grant is geared toward academics researching dispersion, while the MSCI grant is focused on advancing understanding of inflation and its measurable impact on markets.

Throughout the conference, Cboe associates and guest speakers held panel discussions to exchange perspectives on liquidity indicators, risk fragmentation, digital assets, and the impact of rising inflation rate and changing correlations on risk management strategies. Additionally, keynote speakers and Free Solo creators Jimmy Chin and Chai Vasarhelyi joined Kristin Boyd, Vice President, Derivatives Sales, in an insightful exploration of risk and extraordinary performance.

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