How Cboe's Veterans’ Initiative Strives to Help Veterans Find Their Next Chapter

November 9, 2023

Christy Paoletti, Lead Technical Recruiter, knows firsthand what Veterans bring to the table, and how challenging it can be to prove it. 

Christy was a U.S. Air Force Crew Chief for 10 years, enlisting after she graduated high school.  

Christy Paoletti

As a Member of the Air National Guard, Christy was able to work as a consultant and build up some civilian work experience when she wasn’t actively deployed during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. When she was ready to exit the military, Christy was able to leverage the experience and connections she made in consulting to find a full-time job. 

However, not every person transitioning from the military is able to find work easily. And even in Christy’s case, it still wasn’t a particularly easy transition. 

“There are so many challenges that come with transitioning from military to civilian life, personally and professionally,” she says. “Add in the challenges of finding a new job and working in an entirely different environment, and it can feel completely overwhelming.” 

Which is why Christy is so excited about Cboe’s commitment to help Veterans find their next opportunity and offer support as they get started. 

"My own experience — and that of my colleagues who are also Veterans — definitely helps me understand what Veterans have to offer. But we’re not just looking at anecdotal evidence,” Christy says. “Veterans are highly skilled in a variety of areas and our experience in the military can absolutely be translated into the civilian sector. Most Veterans possess great leadership skills, put the team ahead of themselves and can work in very complex, high-pressure environments and succeed. Those traits are valuable in any job.” 

In addition to enhancing Cboe’s recruiting efforts across diverse communities, Christy is helping the company reach more Veterans who may be looking for their first job post-military or may be ready for a new challenge after some time in the workforce. 

Most recently, Christy and Lisa Kirsch, Paralegal at Cboe, attended a Recruit Military event in Chicago to connect with Veterans and share Cboe’s open positions.

“We made a lot of wonderful connections at the event,” Christy says. “I was especially proud to highlight our Veterans’ Initiative ARG, which I think highlights what a supportive, inclusive environment Cboe is for those who have served.” 

The Veterans’ Initiative associate resource group is internally and externally focused and provides support to current military members, Veterans and their families. The Initiative has not only partnered with Cboe HR to increase Cboe’s Veterans recruiting and hiring but offers a place for Veterans to connect over their shared experiences. 

“The Veterans’ Initiative is a huge benefit to our Veterans,” Christy says. “Serving in the military is unlike anything else we experience in life and knowing there are people at Cboe who understand what that’s like helps me personally feel a stronger sense of community and belonging.” 

Members of the Veterans’ Initiative lean on each other for support and share stories about their military service that only those who have served could understand. They also strive to support Veterans outside of Cboe through partnerships with organizations that support Veterans like Vets in Tech and RecruitMilitary.

“People often feel uncertain about their next steps when they are reintegrating into civilian life,” Christy says. “Showing them that there are purpose-driven organizations where they can put their skills and unique experiences to work, coupled with this community of support, can make all the difference.”

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