Our Origins: ErisX Leads the Way in Digital Assets

April 1, 2023

ErisX was founded in October 2018 as a derivatives exchange and clearing organization for digital asset futures and spot contracts. The company was created by CEO Tom Chippas and a group of experienced financial professionals who believed that the same foundation that has made traditional financial markets successful should be applied to the digital asset market. 

 The goal was simple: to provide a regulated, transparent and stable platform for the digital asset market. With its heritage and experience in exchange infrastructure, ErisX planned to offer modern trading tools on a fair and transparent platform. By doing so, ErisX would eliminate many of the impediments to institutional adoption and usher in a new wave of market participants. 

 “The tenets upon which ErisX was founded are similar to those of Cboe and other exchange operators: a robust, resilient, trustworthy marketplace with strong regulatory oversight to provide benefits and confidence to the end customer. Today as Cboe Digital, we believe the digital asset space should be created and structured very similarly to other marketplaces that have proven to work well for end investors,” said John Palmer, head of the Cboe Digital business. 

 “We recognize the critical gaps in security and compliance in today's digital asset markets and believe that to function efficiently, financial markets must demonstrate both,” he added. “Like Cboe’s founders in 1973, Cboe Digital has developed a highly secure yet revolutionary platform that is accessible to more participants.”