Our Origins: LiveVol’s Foundation for Cboe Data and Analytics

April 1, 2023

LiveVol was created by a group of options traders who were seeking more robust analytics on the trading floor. It was a game-changing tool that gave options traders more robust, real-time market analytics. 

Additionally, being a web-based platform made it accessible from practically anywhere. LiveVol quickly gained attention in the trading floor community and soon became a must-have for options traders aiming to stay competitive in the market.  

“I was an early user and investor of LiveVol because it was such an incredible product,” says Cathy Clay, former CEO of LiveVol and Cboe’s Head of Digital and Data and Access Solutions. “There was nothing else like it and it gave floor traders a great competitive edge.” 

As the platform picked up steam, Cboe saw an opportunity to bring the innovative platform into its network and begin building a data and analytics business that provides holistic solutions for investors. 

Cboe acquired LiveVol in 2015. Today, LiveVol offers real-time options analysis, earnings analysis and market statistics. Integrated with Cboe’s other Data and Access Solutions (DnA), LiveVol is a comprehensive place for traders anywhere to stay up to date on the latest in U.S. options trading.