A Track Record of Exceptional Support Through the Entire ETP Lifecycle

Pleased to welcome two new ETPs from First Trust
Unmatched ETF Service
Cboe offers ETP issuers a marketplace that is specifically designed for ETPs.
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Focus on the Entire ETP Lifecycle
Cboe Listings is focused on the entire ETP lifecycle from start to finish.
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Industry Leading Technology
Set your products up for success with Cboe's enhanced liquidity, and better, more resilient markets.
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Fees that Reflect your Success
At Cboe, nothing matters to us more than our partners' success.
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Achieve the Highest Potential for Your Listings

Capital Markets Support

Cboe's support desk personnel are dedicated to proactive and outstanding service for Cboe Listed issuers and their LMMs. Our Trade Desk is continuously monitoring our primarily listed products and is in communication with market participants around the clock.

A Deep ETP Bench

With decades of ETP-specific expertise, we are here to help you through the entire ETP lifecycle. Our experts work across various departments, including legal, compliance, marketing, communications, operations and multi-asset solutions.

Focus on ETP Market Quality

Whether your fund is brand new or decades old, execution matters. Cboe's Lead Market Maker (LMM) program is designed to narrow spreads and bolster liquidity across the ETF ecosystem. Our incentive structure helps direct liquidity support to where it's needed most, benefiting investors, issuers and market makers alike.

Focused on the Entire ETP Lifecycle


We focus on product and legal consultation, index discussion and more.

  • Product and Legal Consultation
  • Index Discussion
  • Listing Product Management
  • Market Maker Support
  • Develop Strategic Marketing Plan

We closely monitor transactions to make sure your product is trading smoothly.

  • Manage Successful Launch on Secondary Market
  • Launch Promotions across Cboe's Expansive Web and Social Channels
  • Surveillance of Transactions

Our marketing and communications experts work closely with you to execute all plans.

  • Execute on Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Assist Issuer Capital Markets Team
  • Tap in to Innovative Market Maker Programs
  • Active Surveillance of ETP
  • Ongoing Compliance Guidance


100% Uptime

Cboe’s best-in-class exchange technology supports the listing and trading of all standard and Semi-Transparent ETP structures. We are constantly striving to improve trading and execution and have experienced no downtime on our primary equities book, Cboe BZX, over the past five years, even when navigating volatile markets.

Data Center Redundancy

Our data centers are geographically diverse to account for unforeseen circumstances. In the event of a primary system failure, it only takes 45 seconds for our secondary trading system to automatically take over. Our primary data center, Equinix 4/5, is located in Secaucus, New Jersey while our back-up data center, Cyxtera CH4, is located in Chicago, Illinois.

ETP Trading and Liquidity Insights

Issuers who list on Cboe receive complimentary access to our Issuer Portal which is a one-stop destination for all market quality information related to your ETP. The portal contains real-time data tools such as a book viewer, auction viewer, market volume table, order usage chart and more.

Fees That Reflect Your Success

Our fee structure was developed with partnership top of mind.

As issuers' products mature and increase in volume, issuers' listing fees decrease.

Annual Listing Fees


New Listing

The Annual Listing Fee is prorated based on the date of listing.


List on Cboe











Less than 10,000



Other Pricing

Transfer Pricing

Issuers that transfer to Cboe will pay a flat annual listing fee.

$4,000 (per product)

19b-4 Pricing

Products that require a 19b-4 filing will be charged a one-time fee of $7,500 per product, which caps out at $22,500 per year. If products do not require a 19b-4 filing, then the Annual Listing Fees are the only applicable fees.

$7,500 (if applicable)

Defined Outcome Listing Fee

Annual Listing Fees for series of ETPs that are designed to provide a particular set of returns over a specified outcome period based on the performance of an underlying instrument during the ETP’s outcome period will be capped at $16,000 per year

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