Equity FLEX Options Product Specifications

Minimum Size
One contract.
Strike Price
Any strike price in penny increments. Strike prices may also be expressed as a percentage of the level of the underlying stock.
Premium Price
Premiums may be expressed as a specific dollar amount per contract in increments that are established on a class basis and which have generally been set in penny increments. Premiums may also be expressed as a percentage of the level of the underlying stock. For strike prices specified in other than underlying values, premium prices specified in other than a dollar amount per contract, and size specified in other than a number of contracts, Cboe calculates actual strike prices, premium prices and number of contracts for submission to The Options Clearing Corporation for clearing and settlement.
Expiration Date
Any business day up to 15 years from trade date.
Exercise Style
American or European.
Trade Dissemination
A text message describing the volume and price of any trade can be received via the terminals of vendors who offer the FLEX retrieval service.
Settlement of Option Exercise
All Equity FLEX Option exercises will result in physical delivery of the underlying security. Settlement price will be the closing stock price on exercise or expiration day.
Trading Hours
Equity FLEX trading hours are 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Chicago time.
For trading hours on FLEX options on ETPs, please refer to the ETP contract specifications link.
For additional information on Equity FLEX, visit the Equity FLEX Options page under the Institutional tab.