What is Cboe Connect?

A cost-efficient, connectivity solution that allows market participants, trading firms and vendors who have a presence in Australian Liquidity Centre (ALC) to use the established Cboe Australia network to access Cboe Australia market centres for market data and order entry connectivity.

Cboe Connect is an additional connectivity option available for Cboe clients who have a presence in the ASX's, ALC.

Clients may cross-connect from their ALC presence to Cboe’s ALC presence, to access their Cboe trading system services:

  • Order entry and trading (FIX/BOE inc BIDS)
  • Purge ports
  • Drop copies
  • Market data (PITCH and TOP)
  • Certification

What you need to know

  • All Cboe trading system services, including order entry, trading and market data may be accessed for Production in Equinix SY5.
  • Cboe connect provides access to Cboe trading systems for Cert (test) in Equinix SY5.
  • Clients who have subscribed to DR access will also be able to access all Cboe trading system services in both Cboe Primary in SY5 and Cboe DR in Global Switch.
  • Depending on your resilience requirements, Cboe offers two independent access points in unique “meet me” rooms in ALC.
  • Within Cboe’s own network, Cboe has redundant dark fibre lines between ALC and Cboe’s Primary and DR sites.

Why access Cboe Connect?

Cost Efficiencies Flexibility Proven Capacity
Leverage quick access without the cost and management associated with maintaining multiple telecommunication connections. Subscriptions are available on a month-to-month basis, providing additional flexibility over the longer-term contracts of most telecommunications providers. Customers share proven infrastructure used by Cboe exchange systems.

How it works

Cboe Connect

How do I access Cboe Connect?

1. Order ports Clients order Cboe 1Gb or 10Gb physical ports via the web portal. The options available have been expanded to include 1Gb fibre port in ALC and 10Gb fibre port in ALC.
2. Cross-Connect The Cboe Network Operations Centre (NOC) team then provide you an LOA (letter of authority), which you provide to your cross-connect provider (ASX) to commission a cross-connect between your presence in ALC and Cboe’s presence in ALC.
3. Access Cboe NOC team will confirm completion of the link installation, confirm connectivity details with you, at which point you can access your Cboe trading system services via Cboe Connect.

Additional Resource: Cboe Connect Brochure

For more information contact the Cboe Network Operations Centre (NOC) Team via [email protected] or call +61 2 8078 1745.