Benefits of Participation


MATCHNow is focused on defining markets to benefit all participants. We know there are many venues today's traders can use to execute their trades. At MATCHNow, our team works diligently to ensure our markets are leaders in execution quality for our Subscribers and that our Subscribers have access to cutting-edge tools and services that better help them manage their risk while executing their trading strategies.

We constantly strive to provide our Subscribers with a world class trading experience, including:

  • Liquid Markets
  • Innovative Tools to Manage Risk
  • Leading Edge Technology Backed by Great People
  • World-Class Market Surveillance & Supervision

Experience a better market - become a MATCHNow Subscriber today.

Become a Subscriber

Step 1: Documentation

Please review the documentation listed below, fill out and sign the relevant agreements, and email them to Membership Services.

Membership Services

Phone: +1.913.815.7002
Email: [email protected]

Step 2: Connection

Subscribers can connect to MATCHNow diretly or via an Access Vendor. To learn more about connectivity options, view our Connectivity Manual.

MATCHNow supports order entry in the FIX format. The FIX Specification, as well as other manuals and technical specifications, are available in the Document Library.

MATCHNow Trade Desk

Phone: +1.416.861.1010
Email: [email protected]