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iShares USD High Yield Corp Bond UCITS ETF SEK Hedged (Acc)

(Cboe: IHYSx)

The Share Class is a share class of a Fund which aims to achieve a return on your investment, through a combination of capital growth and income on the Fund's investments, which reflects the return of the Markit iBoxx USD Liquid High Yield Capped Index, the Fund's benchmark index (Index). The Share Class also aims to reduce the impact of exchange rate fluctuations between the Fund's underlying portfolio currencies and Swedish Krona on your returns. The Share Class, via the Fund, aims to invest so far as possible and practicable in fixed income (FI) securities (such as bonds) that make up the Index and comply with its credit rating requirements, combined with foreign currency contracts for currency hedging. The Index measures the performance of the most liquid US dollar-denominated sub-investment grade bonds issued by companies in developed markets (i.e. the US Dollar high yield corporate bond market). Liquid bonds mean that they can easily be bought or sold in the market in normal market conditions. The bonds will be subinvestment grade (which means that at the time of inclusion in the Index, they have a relatively low credit rating credit or are unrated but deemed to be of comparable quality with sub-investment grade FI securities) and rated by at least one of three rating services: Moody's, Standard & Poor's or Fitch. The individual companies in the Index are weighted according to their market capitalisation (i.e. the share price of the company multiplied by the number of shares issued). The maximum original time to maturity is 15 years and the minimum time to maturity is one and a half years for new bonds to be included and one year for bonds that already exist in the Index. The Fund uses optimising techniques to achieve a similar return to its Index. These may include the strategic selection of certain securities that make up the Index or other FI securities which provide similar performance to certain constituent securities. These may also include the use of financial derivative instruments (FDIs) ( the prices of which are based on one or more underlying assets). FDIs (including FX forward contracts) may be used for direct investment purposes. The Fund may also engage in short-term secured lending of its investments to certain eligible third parties to generate additional income to off-set the costs of the Fund.

About iShares

iShares is the global product leader in exchange traded funds with over 700 funds globally across equities, fixed income and commodities, which trade on 20 exchanges worldwide. The iShares Funds are bought and sold like common stocks on securities exchanges. The iShares Funds are attractive to many individual and institutional investors and financial intermediaries because of their relative low cost and trading flexibility. iShares ETFs can be bought and sold through a variety of different execution channels. The iShares customer base consists of the institutional segment of pension plans and fund managers, as well as the retail segment of financial advisors and high net worth individuals.

Registered Liquidity Providers

  • FlowTraders B.V.