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Dear Cboe Europe Equities Participants,

Cboe Europe (Cboe) is pleased to announce the inclusion of prices from the Madrid and Oslo listing markets within the Cboe European Best Bid/Best Offer (EBBO) on our Cboe NL (DXE) platform, effective Monday 16th November 2020.

The Cboe EBBO is used for order and execution collars to ensure best price and orderly price formation within the trading services offered by Cboe. The inclusion of these markets means that the following functionality will become available for Madrid and Oslo symbols in DXE:

* Cboe Dark Book
* Dark Lit and Dark Periodic sweep order types
* All Pegged order types (including Guarded Midpoint for Periodic Auctions)
* Dynamic collars for Oslo symbols are based on the EBBO prices, including the listing market prices. Dynamic collars for Spanish symbols are based on the BBO prices on BXE and CXE
* Static collars will no longer be applied to Madrid or Oslo symbols

All other market segments and functionality remain unchanged at Cboe. Please also note that this change does not affect the BXE or CXE environments.


* This functionality will be available in the DXE CERTIFICATION (UAT) environment by Monday 9th November 2020

Please contact the Trade Desk if you have any questions.

All current and historical Cboe Europe notices, including symbol universe updates, are available online at http://markets.cboe.com/europe/equities/notices/release_notes/.

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