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Cboe Product, Retireful, LLC dba Mohr Capital Management

About Retireful LLC, dba Mohr Capital Management

Retireful LLC, dba Mohr Capital Management, is a SEC registered investment advisor. Mohr Funds is the division focused on creating ETFs powered by technology. Three core features of the technology we utilize:

Informed Agility is technology’s ability to quickly adapt to current market conditions through observation, not prediction.

Adaptive Rules is a disciplined, consistent rules-based algorithm with an overlay of adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Black Swan Protection is systemic triggers to react to unexpected market corrections without overreacting to emotional, non-systemic volatility.

At a glance, the technology:

  • Observes; does not predict
  • Focuses on Alpha, not Beta
  • Views the market as highly efficient (everything is already built into the price)
  • Has a look-back period in days, not years
  • Rejects rebalancing (in other words, doesn’t arbitrarily sell winners for losers)
  • Created over 20 years ago
  • Views cash as an asset class that, at times, can be the most productive position

Please visit to learn more about our exciting ETFs and visit to learn about all the services we offer.

Retireful, LLC dba Mohr Capital Management Products Listed on Cboe

Product Symbol Product Type List /
Transfer Date
Mohr Industry Nav ETF INAV ETF 2024-01-25
Mohr Sector Nav ETF SNAV ETF 2023-01-11
Adaptive Core ETF RULE ETF 2021-11-03
Mindful Conservative ETF MFUL ETF 2021-11-03
Mohr Growth ETF MOHR ETF 2021-11-03