SEI Enhanced U.S. Large Cap Quality Factor ETF

Cboe: SEIQ

Listed May 18, 2022

The SEI Enhanced U.S. Large Cap Momentum Factor ETF seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in U.S. common stocks exhibiting relatively strong recent performance or momentum as determined by SIMC.

Under normal circumstances, the SEI Enhanced U.S. Large Cap Momentum Factor ETF will invest at least 80% of its net assets (plus the amount of any borrowings for investment purposes) in equity and equity-related securities (such as convertible bonds, convertible preferred stock, depositary receipts, warrants and rights) issued by large U.S. companies.

Momentum investing is a trend-following investment strategy that is based on acquiring assets with recent improvement in their price, earnings or other relevant fundamentals. SIMC uses a quantitative-based, active stock selection investment strategy combined with portfolio optimization to construct the funds portfolio. SIMCs quantitative model and rules-based screening process evaluates all of the securities in the investment universe of U.S. large-capitalization stocks based on various factors, which may include share price performance over various time periods, earnings and profitability trends, unanticipated financial results, and changes to analyst outlooks. The optimization process seeks to build a portfolio with high primary exposure to equity securities of superior momentum, while concurrently managing secondary exposures to other factors, including value, quality and low volatility, in tandem with certain investment restrictions.

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